MiniTitan E360
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MiniTitan E360

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New version of the already A flybarless 3D monster!
Exciting news for 3D pilots: the Mini Titan E360 has been stretched to handle longer blades and a 4S pack! The flybarless design and factory-set flybarless system provide the tools for awesome 3D, with a torque-tube driven system that delivers crisp tail rotor response . And most of the assembly is already done — modelers simply drop in a 4S LiPo pack and a receiver, and the Mini Titan.


E360 is ready to take to the skies!
E360 is ready to take to the skies! Don't let the Mini Titan E360's small size fool you - this heli is a 3D monster. It's smooth, swift and - best of all - 95% assembled. A torque-tube drive system delivers crisp rudder response, while the flybarless design provides a stable foundation for 3D flight. The Mini Titan E360 also comes with a factory-set GT5.1 flybarless gyro, which cranks performance to the max. Just drop in a 4S LiPo pack, and you're good to go!
The E360 is the latest and biggest 3D machine of mini Titan series which is modified from the existing carbon version of mini Titan w/FBL control system. E360 could be the advanced edition of E325S. Equipped with performance OBL/29-27, 50A speed controller, hi-torque digital servos, precisely metal parts and 350 mm carbon rotor blades. Factory craftsmen assembled and well pre-set of the advanced GT5.1 that truly plug and fly in no time. Requires radio and 4S1P Lipo battery (2200mAh 35C is recommended) then all the predictable 3D flight that user can expect.
Brushless Motor & 50A ESC
4. Brushless Motor & 50A ESC
ACE RC 2700KV brushless motor and 50A ESC.

GT5.1 3-axis gyro and Servos
GT5.1 3-axis gyro and fine-adjustment at factory Performance digital micro servos with metal gears and mini servo for high speed processing boosts gyro response


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